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We Can Restore Your Chimney or Fireplace

Chimney Sweeps Unlimited offers a variety of chimney repairs to keep your fireplace and chimney operating at its best. Some of the repairs we perform are:

Chimney Repair, Restorations, and Reconstruction

Whether the chimney is in need of minor repairs or

complete reconstruction, Chimney Sweeps Unlimited’s

technicians and masons are trained to help you determine

the appropriate course of action. No job is too big or too

small as we consider your chimney or fireplace our priority.

Firebox Rebuild, Repairing and Upgrading

The firebox of your fireplace takes a lot of heat and abuse.

If any of the bricks are loose or if any of the mortar joints

are eroded back more than 1/2 inch it may be time for a repair.

Mortar Crown Repair

The mortar crown is the concrete-like surface at the top of your chimney. Its job is to shed water away from the flue and also keep water from entering the chimney chase. Cracks or missing pieces in the mortar crown can lead to extensive water damage in your chimney. Mortar crowns may be repaired with traditional masonry products or a specialized waterproof product called Crown Seal.

Factory-Built Fireplaces

We offer repairs for factory-built fireplaces including

complete replacement, new stainless steel chase covers,

firebox wall installation.

Copper Chimney Flashing

You can get beautiful copper flashing installed. Not only can

you enjoy this maintenance free flashing, but it increases the

value of your home.


Chimney Sweeps Unlimited can diagnose and repair any

problem your chimney and fireplace may have.

Damper Repair

A properly functioning damper stops heat from escaping up your chimney when the fireplace is not in use. If your fireplace does not have a damper you are pumping money up your chimney. Give us a call! We offer top sealing dampers, and damper cap combinations.

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